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Traffic accounting and billing system

NetBilling traffic accounting and billing system is licensed under GPL, i.e. at no charge at all with its sources freely available. This means, you can freely download it from Internet and use it with unlimited functionality for unlimited time. You are free to modify its source code (but you MUST keep developer's copyright mark in form like " Michael Klimenko"). You are free to redistribute modified NetBilling version or your own software based on NetBilling keeping copyright marks mentioned above ONLY UNDER GPL, i.e. free and open-source (see GPL text for details).

You download and use this software at your own risk with abcolutly no kind of warranty on it (see GPL text for details).

If you would like to pay for additional functionality, you can contact the developer by email. But you should remember, that such functionality also would be destributed under GPL dispite its "commercial origin".

You could also contact the developer with all your notes and wishes. Good luck!

Latest changes to NetBilling sources resides in CVS repository on project's sourceforge.net. It is the only way of getting NetBilling's latest version!

To get (checkout) a copy of NetBilling from CVS, type:
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@netbilling.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/netbilling login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@netbilling.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/netbilling co -P netbilling

You can get tarball build from Download section of NetBilling page on sourceforge.net or from the mirror. But getting of sources from CVS is highly recommended!

Additional software you may need: